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Re: stacked primary \ winding direction

Hi All,
    I am confused as well. I intend to pursue this area a bit more over the
winter. I got waylaid with the big coil. I thought what might be good would
be to try and map the magnetic field with a hall effect device. I must admit
those words mutual inductance bring thoughts of complicated maths to mind.
Maybe it could be done with something like Terry's field plotter. See you on
the 28th Steve.

bob golding
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Subject: stacked primary \ winding direction

> Original poster: "steve" <stephen_crawshaw-at-tesla94.freeserve.co.uk>
> Hi guys
> I've just finished building a stacked primary which changes direction of
> winding at the point where the Cu tube passes through the 10mm MDF
> mounting board such that the coils on each side of the board are mirror
> images of each other. Bob Golding's post (below) would seem to indicate
> that I am reducing the effective inductance by this method.
> Could list members confirm or deny this (not that I don't believe you
> Bob, just that i don't understand why...) and explain to me why this
> is.  I can kind of see why it might be from a logical point of view -
> oppposite winding directions cancelling inductance, but does this hold
> electrically?
> BTW I've finished building a sync RSG with copper tungsten electrodes
> which is quenched after firing with compressed air. I hope to be able to
> show it at Cambridge. If any UK guys going to cambridge want to sell me
> a solid TC transformer, bring it along and lets haggle!
> cheers
> steve crawshaw
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