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some CW questions


just got a couple of questions on two different continuos wave TCs:

 1 - for a RF base feed (magnifier? setup or switch mode power supply),
     what is "better", high voltage and low current, or low voltage and
     much current? 
     My guess would be that low voltage high current
     gives a huge bunch of short intensive streamers and high voltage
     low current gives long streamers but not many of them.
     Does that sound right?

 2 - now the same thing, but using a primary coil to which
     the SMPS output is connected directly, will there be any difference
     whether the SMPS gives out 50Vac 100A to the primary coil,
     or 5 kVac 1A? (just neglecting the resistance and reactance of
     the primary coil for a while...)
     Energy wise I wouldn't think there's a difference? How
     great a role does the primary voltage have in a CW TC?

 3 - is there any point in applying wave-guide theory to a TC?
     Like, coil act as a TE wave guide seen along the axis of the coil - 
     guide has a higher than the TC resonant frequency standing wave, with
     the actual turns as inserted stubs with impedance highest at
     the coil center and lowest at the end points? This could
     give the observed e-field along the coil...
     Any sense in that one? (sorry is this is idiotic, I've only just
     begun a course on wave guide and radio technics theory)
Many thanks!

 Jan Florian Wagner