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Tesla coil funds


Some folks spend a lot of money on their TC's but it doesn't
have to be that way.  You can find stuff at hamfests, ebay, 
surplus stores, or from other coilers, at teslathons, scrapyards,
etc.  Some folks do get stuff from work.  I've been collecting stuff 
for years, and sometimes stuff is thrown away and is free for the 
taking, etc.  Fuses can be removed from old equipment that is
tossed out onto the street, etc.  Motors can be found from old 
washing machines, etc.  It's a matter of exchanging time for
money, etc.  There are some cities where large items are thrown
out only once a year.  In these cities, the garbage is piled up
in giant mounds, and all kinds of materials can be found such
as metal, plastic, bolts, tools, electrical equipment, wood, etc.
The trick is to learn to find new (TC) uses for old stuff.  Parts
can be torn out of radios, TV's, transmitters, power supplies,
etc.  Ask your friends to save these junk items for you, etc.

If you need an item, ask the list if anyone has it.  They may
be willing to help out.  

I remember when I was learning about coiling and I was wondering
where I'd be able to find the materials to build a rotary gap.  Now
it seems so easy after years of experience.

John Freau