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RE: Tungsten Electrodes .25"

The rod was from McMaster-Carr, and cost about $40 for the 12" piece. I
was worried about the performance difference between pure tungsten, and
the tungten carbide, but it appears the differences must be very slight.
I did a small amount of research on the difference, and the best I could
come up with was that the T-C has about 4% carbon in it, verses the no
carbon in the pure tungsten rods. I did try to cut the rod with an arc
welder set at 250amps, and it did sort of cut it, but the best method I
found was to just break the rod at a point where the welder burned away
some of the rod.


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> Hi Terry O.
> Just curiosity what is the market value of a 3/8" tungsten carbide rod
> ?
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> > I do not use the pure tungsten, BUT, I did order a 12" piece of
> tungsten
> > carbide (very heavy) rod that is 3/8" diameter. It was nearly
> impossible
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> > Terry
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