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Re: Cap question.

Hi Tom, I wunder if those caps are 4 in wide by 12 in by 12 inch and weigh
about 30 lbs? If so I have two just like them. Mine are filled with pcb's
unfortunately. cul brian  ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com
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Subject: Cap question.

> Original poster: "Tom Stathes" <newphreak_16-at-yahoo-dot-com>
> I just got an offer for two 2uf 8kv caps.
> When i series them the capacitence will be way too
> high for my TC, but what i want to know is can i put a
> lower value/voltage cap, or 2 like .047uf/1.2kv in
> series to drop the total capacitence to a more useable
> level? (i need about .033uf)
> thanks
> --Tom
> PS: If anyone in the US could use two 8kv 2uf caps,
> contact me in about a week and mabey we can work
> something out.
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