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Re: Female Coilers??????

Original poster: "jason wallace" <jcwallace-at-cybrtown-dot-com> 

> Are there any female coilers on this list??? Or anyones wife share the hobby
> with there husband??? Im Jason's wife and have started to work  on making my
> own coil, OF course with lots of jason's knowledge and help. Just
couriouse to
> see if there are any other female coilers?? Thanks cant wait to get
started on
> my coil (i painted the transformer last night).
> Thanks 
> Christy

The two women I know that build coils are not on the List,
unfortunately.  I should pester them to join.  One of them 
just finished a beautiful 10 kVA coil, that throws nice 10' 
arcs.  She plans to use it in her puppet shows (!)

We are discussing the necessary Faraday precautions for the
puppeteers 'behind the curtain'.