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Hey everyone,

There appears to have been a server outage on the farm where the site is
hosted resulting in the site having been offline for a few hours. My
apologies for this, however the problem is now rectified and the site is
running agin.
If there si enough interest, I will put FTP access to the site up so people
can directly uplaod their pictures. Get back to me on this if people think
this is a good idea. I may also feature my own ugly coil soon.... wound on
a vitamin tube, with the primary formed on Lego (well it was the nearest
thing to hand. LOL). Likewise, If anyone is interested and preferably
prepared to make it themselves (I'm a little short on time with group
activities taking a large chunk at the moment), I'd like to stick a chat
room up where we (coilers) can discuss matters. (Server supports ASP, Perl
and IHTML if anyone has suggestions).

Aleks Nowak
Geek Group Member #1045
The Geek Group
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!