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Air cored mutual inductance calculator

While trying to design an air cored coupling transformer
for a CW coil, I ended up putting together a little program to
calculate primary and secondary self inductances, mutual inductance,
and coupling coefficient.

I thought it might be useful to others so I've put it under


It's intended for tesla coils and magnifier driver transformers, 
CW driver impedance matching, that kind of thing.

Handles any profile of single layer windings - straight
solenoids, cones, flat spirals, whatever, so long as all the turns
are more or less concentric. Works by summing the inductance
between current filaments. Probably good to 5% or so.

Written in C, just using the standard libraries so should compile
and run on any computer, maybe even windoze. A slight alteration
and it'll do 3 or more windings if required.

Have fun! It works for me, but I've only tried it on a few coils.
Let me know how you get on with it.


Paul Nicholson,
Manchester, UK.