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Variacs for sale (avoid the ebay nonsense)

> Hello coilers,
>  I have the following variacs for direct sale (I don't bother with ebay):
>  Powerstat variac, 9amps, 120 volts input, 0 - 140 volts output, like
>  new, panel mount type, knob and dial, but no screened housing,
>  screw terminals,  $40 + shipping.
>  Powerstat variac, 7.5amps, 120 volts input, 0 - 140 volts output,
>  good condition, panel mount type, knob, no housing, screw terminals,
>  $32 + shipping.
>  Variac, 5amps, 120 volts input, 0 - 140 volts output, excellent,
>  with knob, dial and housing, screw terminals,  $30 + shipping.
>  John Freau
    49  Thiem Ave
    Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662

   If you're interested in any of these variacs, email me with your 
   zipcode so I can calc the shipping cost and to be sure they're
   still available.  Check or MO is fine.

  I also have a some of the 1.5" by 6" spun aluminum toroids
  available for $36 postpaid.  If you happen to buy a toroid and a
  variac, I can lower the price because I can ship them together.