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RE: Good Idea!!: Monster Coil Fund

Contact the "The Geek Group", they have a web site in the Tesla Webring, and
they are doing just that. They are starting to set up a Tesla Coil/ Research
complex outside Chicago somewhere. I'm sure they would love your help.

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	With all this talk of large coils lately, I was thinking. Has any
	thought of starting a monster coil fund, for a coil with 40 maybe
even up to
	100 ft discharge.  Save up donations for 5 maybe 10 years and get
	corporations to  sponsor it. Many corps. are making so much money in
	economy they don't know what to do with it all. I think power
	would love a tax brake in there old transformers and such. Then
after there
	is enough money make a huge coil some where in the middle of the
	Comments any one?

	Alex Madsen
	qp  aka MAD Max  qp

	PS I won't be able to do this myself, at least not until I am out of
	(4-6 years) .

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