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Re: MMC Cap Results. WOW!

In a message dated 10/4/00 6:56:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

>  5.61 seems to be the best setting I could get without getting LONG racing
>  sparks on the secondary. I was not sure if the racing was caused by too 
> close
>  coupling or being out of tune.
>  After 5.61, it bacame difficult to see much difference. I suspect I would 
> get
>  better results from a larger toroid
>  I tried a 4" by 18" dryer duct toroid but there was no breakout and sparks 
> at
>  the 5.61 setting was about 8" I believe this was because the toroid was so 
> big
>  it was radiating most of the energy instead o storing it.


Well those are nice results you're getting now.  Did you tune outwards
about 2 turns or so when you installed the larger toroid to keep it in
tune?  You may need a breakout point at first on the larger toroid
to find the right tune point, then you can probably remove the
breakout point.  The racing sparks are probably just caused by
a little too close coupling.  Did you try raising the secondary
by 1" or so to try to stop them?

John Freau