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MMC Cap Results. WOW!

Ok, here are the results of the cap so far. I'm running back and forth between
the coil and computer. Can't find a pen ...

The results might look a little odd, because of different tabbing. I hope it
makes sense.

This is the results from my off-sized secondary of 24" of AWG28 wire wound on a
3.85" Schedule-40 PVC form sanded clean.

Toroid 8" X 2"

Spark gap is vacuum static gap using coiled aluminum flashing electrodes to
conduct heat away, built in a 4" PVC pipe with a large muffin fan attached to
pull air through pipe and expell it outside the enclosure. Gap is 1/2"

NST 12/30

Capacitance Turns Primary for best tuning Arc Length

3.72 22 12-14"

3.99 22 14-16"

4.30 22 15-16" - Three inch increase in streamers here and quickness of buildup
to breakout

Streamers are about 12"

4.66 22 18" Archs!!! Streamers gained another 5" to equal about 15-18"!!
Instant breakout.

5.09 21 20" Archs!!! 21" huge streamers!!

5.61 21 About same length but more frantic sparking.

6.23 18? 22-24 streamers, flashover until tuned to 18 turns in the primary then
results about

21" sparks.

5.61 seems to be the best setting I could get without getting LONG racing
sparks on the secondary. I was not sure if the racing was caused by too close
coupling or being out of tune.

After 5.61, it bacame difficult to see much difference. I suspect I would get
better results from a larger toroid

I tried a 4" by 18" dryer duct toroid but there was no breakout and sparks at
the 5.61 setting was about 8" I believe this was because the toroid was so big
it was radiating most of the energy instead o storing it.

Thanks again. YOU MADE MY DAY!! I hope this information proves most useful. I
am going to insert a big gulp cup into the inside of the secondary to prevent
internal breakdown that could be occurring.

I will keep you apprised of further tests.