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RE: BIG DUMMY Accident

Hi all,

 Ouch man...I'm glad you turned out okay from it though! That's a good
reminder to "keep back" from streamers.  Personally, I set a piece of 2x4 on
fire with a streamer to show ppl that it "just ain't safe" to touch.
   Glad to hear you're okay though.  And I'll assume you had good dark
welding lenses to inspect the RSG with, right? ;)
  Keep coilin, and let's all take a lesson here.  Saftey, saftey saftey!!!

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Hi all,

I thought I would share a little mishap that occures to me yesteray
while running my 10 kVA pole pig coil. I had been running it at near
full power with screaming 8 to 10 ft. streamers filling up my little 12
x 20 ft. shop and observing this from ~13 ft awy behind a grounded
alum. screen shield. Then I had the bright idea to turn the variac down
so the output was only 2 or 3 ft. (about as low as I can go and keep
the SG firing reliably) so I could "safely" walk up closer and observe