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why thank you ted, i'm pretty proud of that big ugly. i started coiling
when i broke my collarbone in a motorcycle accident, oddly enough it was
right about the same time i quit drinking, hmmm. i was dumb and didn't
go to the hospital for four days, while i was laid up i saw a show on
the learning channel about tesla, and the coil, i got on the internet
and have been hooked every since.
i wrapped that coil with the bad collarbone, tarring the wire out of a
hid lamp ballast, doctor couldn't understand why the bone hadn't knitted
in a week, hmmm. at first it was only wrapped to the length before the
coupler, then i added the coupler, i spliced it with a piece of tubing
crimped, then i wrapped it over the coupler, then all the way and
finally got breakout with a 15\60 nst and four gallon jug swc's on the
coffee table. took about two weeks and a lot of motrin, i think i drove
altair crazy trying to figure out what was wrong? i told him it was 20g,
oops. that thing plays havoc with florescent lights when it fires and it
would change the channels of the tv's, my girlfriend hated it. she would
be watching tv in the bedroom and all of the sudden, bloop, her program
would disappear?
well it was great fun, i'll always keep that ugly thing.