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Re: Ballast Inductor

i think your going about it very well, i haven't attempted to use any of
my pigs on a coil, after the first try, for the exact reasons as you,
well almost? i don't feel i have a good grip on the ballasting yet, i
was trying different things with my pt for limiting, but i really was
stumbling along blindly? jim's last reply was very informative, i can't
believe i understood it on the first reading? it usually takes me a few
for the tough stuff. i am following this thread with great interest and
i would like to ask jim and all if bb's would make a good filler for the
core unit? i know that they are soft steel and the contacting surface
area would be small, but i remember reading dale halls explanation of
ferrite being grains that are pressed into shape helping, the eddy
currents?, not sure now, i have to look back through my records. i have
a few large variac's and a couple 30 amp cores, but i really want to get
a grip before i try anything more.
well, again thanks for the good questions and thank you jim for the good
listening with interest,   marc