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Re: Hmmm, I'm a little lost here.


  Your secondary is the same size as the one that I am currently
building. The length that I got from Wintesla for #23 gage wire is 1921
ft. 24 gage wire comes to 2160 ft. I was able to find an 8 pound spool
of #23 at a local electronics surplus shop. I hope this helps.

        Safe Coiling,

        Phil Heslin

> Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <Garry-at-NDFC-dot-com>
> I got a difficulty here. I need enough wire to wind around a 6" form to
> create a wound area 30" high and the guage can be anything between #22 and
> #28 and I need it in feet or pounds.
> I called Beldenwire and they said the had max 1000 feet rolls of #28 guage
> wire which is about a pound of wire.
> They said they have a two pound spool of #24 guage wire that is about 1000
> feet.
> So they are saying the maximum feet length of wire they sell is 1000 feet.
> This is hard to believe since I've seen 10 pound spools with the name beldon
> on it.
> Do you think that this 1000 feet of #24 guage wire would be enough for this
> size secondary?