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Re: copper plating

> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: Re: copper plating
> Date: Sunday, June 11, 2000 1:39 PM
> Original Poster: "D.Wightman" <dwightman-at-mmcable-dot-com> 
> a great idea,,lets experiment further with this, the reason is that ive
> an idea about making torroids out of fiberglass, you can form it into
> different shapes and sizes , then sand it smooth and plate it with copper
> even chrome it.they would hopefully be a huge improvement from ducting
> torroids..the only thing would be the capacitance of it since it would be
> non metallic inside but metallic outside...but a perfectly shaped 8 by 24
> inch polished copper torroid would sure be impressive...

Capacitance would be just the same as any other material... dependent only
on the outer surface of a closed object.
However, make sure you plate enough thickness on, because a fairly high
current has to flow from all parts of the toroid to the spark leader
attachment point, and you don't want large IR losses.