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Re: copper plating

Hi Mark

I encourage you to continue your experiment and personally I'm interest by
your result ,when I have time I'll experiment  too, please kips posting
your result.

By the way Walt Noon in his book "Lightning bolt generators use copper
plating to make terminal for Van de Graaff generator and Leyden Jar, he
use 25 ounces of copper sulfate, 6 ounces sulfuric acid, 1 gallon
distilled water .

He use silver plating or glued powdered graphite on the surface before
plating. If you want more detail just ask...

Luc Benard(Montreal)

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Metlicka Marc" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net>
> it does seam to be a plaiting, i think it starts at the porous surface
> filling these in then adds from there. now if you bend the thin plastic
> cups, it will flake of a bit. but i am just starting this project and
> haven't tried glass yet.
> ounce i get the process down a little better i will measure the actual
> thickness of the plating.
> regards      marc