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RE: Ceramic core resistors

>Series = more ohms ?
>Parallel = more watts ?

Absolutely right!  In parallel it would disribute the I2R losses more evenly
arross each resistor.  Remember that in parrallel branches, the current
usage must total zero.  (K's Current Law) So if I have 3 resitors in
parrallel, all of them must divide the current loss, each dissiopating I2R
as heat.  Whereas in series the current is constant across each resistor,
meaning all the resistors must be able to dissapate the same number of

|        I(2)  |
---+----/\/\/\----+----- I(total)
|        I(3)  |

I(total) = I(1) + I(2) + I(3)

All the current drops must be equal to the total current.
I(1), I(2), and I(3) must be less than I(total).  Meaning each one
dissapates power dependent upon I2R of the current across the resistor.  In
series its different

I(1)         I(2)           I(3)
------/\/\/\-------/\/\/\---------/\/\/\------- I(total)

I(total) = I(1) = I(2) = I(3)

Note the equal signs, each reisitor draws the same current.  But causes a
voltage drop, dependent on V = IR.

Hope this helps, if I'm wrong feel free to correct me.

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