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RE: Tesla Letter and Photo

And the answer is...


Many thanks to Harry Goldman who sent me this.



>Hi All,
>	I was contacted by Chip and Albie Davis about a letter found written to the 
>person's grandfather from Tesla along with a photograph.  They were 
>wondering if anyone new who any of the people in the photo were.
>You can write to Albie at:
>or the list if of general interest. - Terry
>> Hello Chip, 
>> While going through my mother's estate (she died two years ago at age 90), 
>> my brother came across a letter to my grandfather from Tesla, on Tesla's 
>> stationery with his Tesla tower (Tesla Laboratory) on the letter head. Also 
>> found was a photograph, a group shot with my grandfather (John J. Swan, a 
>> young engineer, graduate from Cornell) on one end of the group and Charles 
>> Porteus Steinmetz, "brilliant German mathmetician" (and a dwarf) on the 
>> end. I am really curious to know who all these people were, what the 
>> occasion was, and where the photo was taken. It appears to be outside some 
>> factory, and is all men except for one woman.
>that would be great--putting out an inquiry to the list. Did Chip mention 
>that I found the words "General Electric" on the left bottom of the photo and 
>Schenectady, NY or the right bottom. My grandfather is John J. Swan, the 
>shorter man on the far right. I think the taller man in a similar hat 
>standing next to him might be Charles Batchelor, because I found an online 
>photo at an Edison site that looks like this man. Also, The sixth man in 
>from the right could be Samuel Mott. Both of these guys worked for Edison. 
>Well, the detective work goes on. The man standing between the lady and 
>older gent might be Edison, but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help.
>Albie Davis