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FILT1.JPG (Was Terry's NST Filter Network)

Hi Terry, all,
I would like to ask if the protection circuit schematic in the file filt1.jpg
(on you site)
is only an experiment or is still valid... I can see 2 safety gaps instead of
one and 
4 resistors of 5K 50W instead of two. I have been following all the thread
"Terry's NST Filter Network"
And since I have to do one for me, (for a 12/60), I have looked also at the
Gary Lau design (on his site).
I have also read your papers about filtering. Normally I see that the
protection circuit looks like half of this one.
Can you please explain to me why ? Is this "double filter" necessary to be "all
safe" ?
Or is it something like too much protection, so now you circuits are reduced to
half that design ?
Someone also have suggestions, or particular designs to suggest for my safety
gaps ? :)
Tnx all in advance