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Re: pole pig question

Hi Dave

Actually you can pick any number you want for wintesla, just use a
number that matches the cap value, and the program will work for you.
Or if you have Excel use the spreadsheet that ED Sonderman made, it is
on the Pupman site, and does not have a "trans-cap match" part.
You will of course have to current limit the pig by some external
means, I use a welder in series with a 1.5ohm 2.5Kw resistor I made
from  a heat strip out of an electric furnace to feed the 240VAC into
the pig.

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> Original Poster: "D.Wightman" <dwightman-at-mmcable-dot-com>
> im getting ready to purchase a pole pig..it is rated at 14400 out at
5 kva..my
> question is for plugging in the numbers on wintesla for the output
amperage of
> the pole pig.. what is the output amperage of this pole pig?
> everyone..