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AC/DC/Calssic/Mag Coil

Thank you guys for the great replys :)
OK, next question.

Is it possible to operate a Maggie with the Extra Coil removed as a regular 

Assumeing there is no difference in the Coils weather the charging system is 
AC or DC, is it possible to make a coil that is easily configurable to 
operate on either AC or DC.

This is my goal.

To make the Avalon Project in such a way as it can be operated either as an 
AC or DC coil, and either as a 2-coil system, or a Magnifier. I believe the 
AC/DC setup isn't too hard, but, because of the VERY different designs of 
the PRi/Sec setup that a 2/3 coil setup will be impossible (at least without 
building 2 completely seperate setups, impossible for now).

Am I correct?

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