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Re: some ?'s about a odd TC setup

> Original Poster: "Robert Jones" <alwynj48-at-earthlink-dot-net>
>So have I got it right you don't connect the lower end of >your coil to
> anything not even to the secondary ground.

yes you go it right,At first I had the bottom of the secondary connected to
the - side of the 555 PSU but I went through 30 555's in a two week period!
so I then decided to connect it to a long wire(it helped the output a
little)I then connected a resonator I had lying around and got much
improvment .
The reason I do not connect the secondary right to a earth ground is because
I live on the third floor of a very old apartment house(has gas spiggots
were the gas lamps used to be)and It also has very old wiring and wires in
contact with plumbing so I do not trust connecting my coil to any plumbing.
I think my plan of action is to better tune my coil and cover my work space
with Alum. foil.

thanks for the tips!
Kevin Dalpe