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Southern California Teslathon (was: UK TESLATHON pic's and new record)

Calvin/List Members,

The 2000 Southern California Teslathon is coming up July 8th (It's in the US
but on the wrong coast for you Calvin). Last year we had sixteen coils and
over 80 people in attendance. Arcs ranged from a few inches to over 13 feet
in length. Most coil types were represented including conventional two coil,
magnifier, DC, battery powered, and backpack mounted. This year we already
have RSVP's for 28 coils, 51 people, and a number of other HV demonstrations
(Including my "Cage of Death" and Ross' quarter shrinker). 

For 1999 SC Teslathon pictures check out:

For 2000 SC Teslathon information and RSVP's check out:

Brian B.

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anyone know of any events like this in the US? namely
in NY?

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> Hi All,
>     I would like to thank Alan Sharp for organising
> this event. We ran our
> new coil for the first time on Saturday ,and got 72"
> spark from 2/3 of our
> available power. This was really plesing as we only
> finished building it the
> day before!  full specs, and measured results from
> uor small signal tests to
> follow. I am organising another Cambridge Teslathon
> at the museum of
> technology. The date will be the 28Th Oct. I have to
> confirm the booking,
> but as soon as I get confirmation I will put it on
> the TCbouk site. Thanks
> again Alan.
> cheers
> bob golding

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