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Re: Polyurethaning the Seconday Problems

Hi All,

Of course sanding helps to clear the old junk from it between coats,
on to the real question.  What came to mind is, would coating a tack
cloth with one of those anti cling products for womens dresses work,
or would that just interfere with the adhesive properties of the layers
of polyurethane.  The only perfect way is to do it inside of a vacuum
chamber, then I am not sure if it would dry.

There was a idea that  I thought was really good about hooking the
secondary up to a rotating winding jig of some sorts and having a big
tub of Polyurethane that the bottom portion was spinning through.
Nice thick glass like finish. :-)

Now if we then build a bigger PlexiGlass compartment to sit overtop
of that then it should help to prevent the dust particles from being able
to get to the coating.  Doesn't have to be a vacuum, just enough to keep
extra dust in the room from blowing around and getting to it.  As it spins
the initial dust should just get completely coated over.

Bill Parn

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> I'm in the process of building my first 6" secondary out of pvc.  I made a
> nice winding jig using a 1/2" drill / variace.  I can even use to spin the
> pipe while sanding.  Now that I have a nice clean & smooth secondary I
> to coat it with polyeurathane while rotating it slowly.  The problem I'm
> having is that the PVC/Poly is picking up a static charge and attracting
> kinds of dust and other air born junk.  I would like to make it a
> contaimination free as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions to keep
> the PVC free of static charge?  Maybee I can make a big Van De Graff with
> ;-).
> Thanks
> Bob
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