Re: Direct current coils

I will visit this site....any guess on how much DC?

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Payne, Will E" <will.e.payne-at-lmco-dot-com>
> For a direct current coil giving six foot arcs, check out
> www.altair-dot-org/tesla.htm for "Vic and Kip's Excellent Tesla Coil"  W4KIP,
> Kip supplied info on a coil he built in the late 1940's or early 1950's
> along with W4OCH, Vic, which ran off DC.  The coil was eventually abandoned
> in the basemant of the house across the street from the Governor's mansion
> in Atlanta.  Some photos may still exist.  No one has tried asking the
> current owners of the house about the coil.
> Kip supplied details for the schematic on my web page. Additional info, the
> break rate was about 10 Hz using a tungsten rod rotated by an old
> phonograph.  Resonance was about 135 kHz.
> Will