Re: [newbie] it this transformer ok?

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Paolo <pagaiard-at-geocities-dot-com>
> Hi all!
> My name is Paolo Gaiardelli, I'm from Italy.
> This is my first message to the list.
> I've got a couple of questions:
> -I've a 2500V 100mA neon sign transformer, is this ok for a tesla coil?
> -I've built a 1"ID x 15" coil with 33gauge wire, and I get 3" sparks
> from it, I guess this is a bit too short spark.
> Is there any way to get longer sparks using that 2500V transformer?
> Thank you for your help:-)
> Paolo


Welcome to the Tesla Builders List, and to the world of Tesla Coiling,

While 2500 volts is a bit low for spark-gap coiling, it apparently is
working for you. Low output can be caused by many things, including
mistuning, excessive losses, poor gap performance, etc. For us to help a
bit more, we'll need a bit more information about your system, such as
the type of primary winding (number of turns, size, material used, etc),
the type of capacitor you're using (material and estimated capacitance),
the type of spark gap you're using and whether any forced air cooling is
used, and what type of top terminal you're using on your secondary.  

Good luck, and safe coilin' to you!

-- Bert --