Re: Transformers, Wattage and some

	I think Case 1 would work better.  You would have less losses in primary
resistance.  Although in Case 2 you would have a larger primary capacitance
and a smaller primary inductance.  This means that the secondary voltage would
be higher in case 2.  The arc isn't related to voltage alone so I don't really
know.  For me I would go with whichever case I can get the best and cheapest

I have never used that many NST together so I don't have much experience in
that although it sounds ok from what you have said.

Erik Schulz

> Case 1:) I use a 15kV 50mA NST and the correct reso cap.
>  Case 2.) I use a 7.5kV 100mA NST and the correct reso cap
>  Would coil 1 and coil 2 produce different spark lengths and/or forms. If
>  why ? It might be harder to make a (SR)SG for the lower voltage. The closer
>  gaps may quench worse than the wider (or more) higher voltage unit.