Re: HBT and more info for Doug

> You say you have done the math on current limiting. The transformer you are
> building is NOT (no, nope, none, not at all) current limited. If you
short the
> secondary it will pull more and more current until either the primary or
> secondary burns up. If you take a MOT for example and short the heater
> filament winding (rated at 3.5V and 13.5A) the filament winding will
> in execess of 50(!)A, no problem AND MOTīs are usually current limited. The
> only way a non shunted transformer will "limited" the shorted current it can
> dish out is through core saturation. Usually one of the windings give way
> before this happens (on long runs).

Last time I checked, inductive reactance is effective for current limiting.

Question: what do you mean by "shunted" and "non shunted"?

           --Doug Brunner