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Subject: Re: Spark Gap (fwd)

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> As a beginner, I have to ask this. When the main spark gap is supposed to
> trigger ?
> 1 - When the tank capacitor is changed at full voltage (1.4 * transformer
>       OR
> 2 - When the tank capacitor is changed a suitable voltage LOWER than
> If the correct answer is n.2, so what is the benefit of having a 14 kV
> transformer if the capacitor is discharged always at e.g. 8 kV?
> With my (supposed) 8kV tank I can get 0.37 inch sparks so that using a,
> 0.15 inch gap would reduce my used voltage to about a 40% of the
> More, isn't that shorter gap much more difficult to quench than a wider

If you trigger at less than Vmax, conceivably you could get several charge,
discharge cycles in a mains half cycle. Although, I haven' t considered
whether the gap would actually shut off quickly enough to allow this. Some
sort of Resonant charging would do this though.