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 The other day I talked to someone in the national guard. He said that when
 they install a ground rod they always pour rock salt (Ice cream salt) in
 and around the hole. Anyone ever heard of this?


On my original ground plane system, I used three copper clad steel rods set up
in a triangle configuration of 8 foot on each side.  I connected them together
with galvanized steel roof flashing and buired the whole thing after pouring
about 100 lbs of rock salt over it - thinking to make the ground more
conductive.  I dug it up a year later to replace the galvanized steel with
copper and found it completely rusted through and not much left of it.

I''m not convinced salt is necessary.  If you use it, make sure you use metals
that the salt will not attack - and I don't know what that is.

Ed Sonderman