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>You have a nice looking top toroid.  How was this made/found?
>        Tony
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I spent hours trying all kinds of designs - most bloody awful !

Best result I got was using 4 x 90 degree PVC elbows (flange-less variety)
joined as a former plus some thin, self-adhesive alum tape.

So I needed some larger PVC elbows.  Eventually was referred to the same
place I bought the acrylic for the primary base.  Start explaining to the
man why I need the elbows minus flanges & he replies - "why don't you just
buy a mild steel donut".

Now ....... let me tell you, I had phoned every metal fabricator in the
phone-book with zero success (unless I wanted to pay several thousand
dollars !!!).  This left me speechless ;-)

These things come "off the shelf".  Only work required is to remove the
outer seam weld & weld in a center plate.  Total cost $90 AUS (around $50
US).  Only complaint is this is the largest they have (18" outer diameter /
6" torus).  Slightly less than what I would like.

So the real question you should ask is ..... "who made it & what was the
original purpose ?"

Made by metal pipe suplier for custom vehicle exhaust manufacture.  Because
they don't know what degree bend will be required, they sell 360 degree

Happy hunting.



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