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[TCML] 3D printed coil forms

Has anyone experimented with 3D printing coil forms?

I’ve used the pvc pipe on the past, but there are a few issues there: 1)
Limited to particular diameters; 2) While ID is well-regulated, the OD can
vary and be out-of-round; 3) Cutting to size is necessary.

All of these issues could be solved by 3D printing, limited only to the
dimensions of the printer. Better for SSTCs than big spark-gap coils. My
main concern is the dielectric strength of common materials in 3D prints,
like PLA. I can print PLA and PETG on my FDM printer. ABS would require
some upgrades.

Also, you could do some really odd stuff, like coils that changed diameter
over the length!

Anyone have comments or experience?

Thanks in advance.
Joshua Thomas

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