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[TCML] Using OBITs like NST

I have 4 Dougan OBITs.
Each are 6kV/20mA.
I can run them in parallel for 6kV/80mA.
I read a few places, that I can remove some shunts to get 80mA out of each.

Not bad I'd say.
Can I use the same trick as NSTs to increase the voltage while scrimping on
the insulation?
Say I use both phases from my breaker box essentially using 2 in parallel
on each phase and run phase to phase and ground the cases together. In my
mind essentially making a center tapped OBIT bank. Each phase 6kV/160mA,
running my TC @ 12/160! I don't really see any no-go's but that's why I am
here asking. Am I missing something?
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