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[TCML] Re: Using OBITs like NST

On 9/23/21 9:26 PM, Jeremiah Schmidt wrote:
I have 4 Dougan OBITs.
Each are 6kV/20mA.
I can run them in parallel for 6kV/80mA.
I read a few places, that I can remove some shunts to get 80mA out of each.

Not bad I'd say.
Can I use the same trick as NSTs to increase the voltage while scrimping on
the insulation?
Say I use both phases from my breaker box essentially using 2 in parallel
on each phase and run phase to phase and ground the cases together. In my
mind essentially making a center tapped OBIT bank. Each phase 6kV/160mA,
running my TC @ 12/160! I don't really see any no-go's but that's why I am
here asking. Am I missing something?

Do these OBITs have two outputs, and there's already a center tap? or is it one output, with the other HV end grounded to the case?  (I've seen both configurations, just googling Dongan ignition transformer)

If the latter, yes.  And you don't need to use both phases from the breaker box. You can just wire the primaries opposite (i.e. swap line and neutral)

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