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Re: [TCML] Interesting early commercially made little "TC's" from Spellman.

Hi all and Steve,

Sorry, I kind of "dangled a carrot with a brown bag over it" :-D

So I have done it early for Steve, since I have him wondering now.

Only has taken me 6 days to actually open this area up, since I got it  :^)

I am quite patient with some things. I was not going to open up until I was
actually ready to do a proper complete restoration of this. Already loosely
planning with my Father on this to bring to his place and work on together
in about month or so. I also do not have a tube tester yet for these kind
of small tubes. He has several. Also, 2 "can" caps so far should wisely be

Currently busy working on several coil projects, related interrupters
modifying again...and testing at my place.

So here is an early peek after all at the little beauty of TC  :^)
Pictures link:


Commenting on what I saw inside, nothing in condition surprises me. Overall
really clean for age. Worst visual thing, which is no big deal is the
mildew on plastic sleeves over high ohm resistors.

On the coil model from Spellman, it looks to me a customized stock coil. It
appears to me, and I can see the cut marks at the top of the coil where
they cut off the original "tickler" coil. Feedback is done completely
different as can be seen under the high voltage rectifiers. Interesting
filaments supply coils also. Lots of "pies".

I have not opened the under deck yet. Happen later. I right away put it
back in the mini rack mount enclosure.

Okay, I will eventually get to this project in near future. Will scope
stuff and test output and will hook up an eletrostatic HV meter also and
give updates here.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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