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[TCML] Interesting early commercially made little "TC's" from Spellman.

Hi all,

I recently came across some interesting coils from my 1965-66 EEM Catalog
that I have also fairly recently aquired. Aquired several years actually.
What tremendously wonderful huge catalogs these are. I am still going
through them a little at a time. Just all kinds of wonderful information of
stuff past. Been meaning to post this, and now finally got to it.

I came across this Spellman section stuff and I was "stopped dead in my

And instantly thought of Steve White and his Li'l TC. I remember him
commenting somewhere along the lines, there was not much information on the
coils, specifically the Miller coil form itself and it's interesting
construction. While these are Spellman's, a couple models look very close.
And there are a couple other interesting models here. And he questioned
other possible uses. The Li'l TC article says for large TV screen use, but
I am not sure this was completely accurate at the time. Maybe as direct
replacements for much older TV's. I am pretty sure 1965-66 TV's made were
all flyback transformers, even before this date. I know they used these
types of coils in the very early TV's, but flybacks got delvoped not too
long afterwards and I thought pretty much phased these types out. Well
Spellman had other uses as seen in pictures for high frequency (RF)
rectified DC power supplies. As true for the time most are vacuum tube

But check out one page, an early transistor type coil!

Recently I tried looking for more information online and there is still not
much out there at all on the Miller version of these coils. Very little.
And I could not find anything on these Spellman's.

Well I hope some find this interesting as I did.
Pretty cool that you built a VTTC using one of these coil types "actually
back in the day", Steve.

A couple of pictures links:

Li'l TC:




Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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