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Re: [TCML] Rebuilding VTTC

Hi Terry,

Looking good.
Looking forward to when you switch tubes.
And turn up the power and check tube "inputs".

Out of curiosity will you be doing some "RF noise" checks again when the
power is now cranked up to the limits you are comfortable with and/or to
spec limits?

Yes, initial breakout on VTTC's usually not a problem. But getting
expected/desired breakout for max. power input can be challenging at times.
And while keeping the tubes "happy".

To me this is the fun part, of the challenge, while getting great output
with reasonable power input and of course keeping the tubes in check.

Just a quick note also and this applies to the new graphite tubes also.
These tubes do need to show some "color". The anodes have a coating, when
heated up to a certain level, helps the tube to maintain a "hard vacuum" or
gettering action. Running "cool" all the time is not good to a tubes
"heath" either. The "mirror spot" on some tubes is related and also
getters. These transmitting tubes or power grid tubes are a different beast
compared to "regular" tubes.

Looking forward to more updates when you can.

I will be getting back to my VTTC stuff on the weekends when I can.
Currently back to work like many others and after a holidays break.
So less time now. But eventually I will be doing some checks/testing and
post some things.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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