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Re: [TCML] Rebuilding VTTC

Many many thanks to all that have helped me!
The coil is all updated now.
Just running with the old 811 tubes at very low power but it is purring like a kitten now!
The tube plates are cold despite how that pic looks...
I just need too check the anode voltage limits now and the grid currents and voltages.
Then plug in the normal running 572B tubes  >:D
It no longer feels like it is going to blow up in my face :D
It happily busts out corona right of the minimal variac twist now!
I have learned with this coil that the primary "Q" is super low (0.3) so precise primary tuning is a don't care unlike spark gap things...
These coils pretty much tune on the fly at every cycle!
A lot has to go into the care and feeding of the tubes though....
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