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Re: [TCML] Rebuilding VTTC

I have been playing with my toob coil things.

Mostly working on the primary circuits.
This is the latest schematic model.


I went through 4 circuit simulators now……... and LTspice is working the best. All the other suffered ‘bazaar’ failures… :p

I run in Linux Windows simulators, so yeah...

Working on the C2 1nF original filter cap thing. Without any cap there is like 100Vac riding on the rail (blue trace, ignore the yellow stuff). The microwave transformer seems to have about 170uH of reactance.


So I simply stuck a 10nF 2000V MMC cap on it and the noise is vastly reduced!


The inductance of these transformers makes them worthless for draining RF and also makes then susceptible to damage from RF….
MMC type caps have like a rating of 2.5 Arms for decades and even though I am doing low power testing, the current is trivial for poly caps (2.3 Arms in this case).


Just some pics for reference and for those that think I just make this stuff up. :)


So I have figured out the C2 rail cap thing… I think the caps across the plate transformer will be super easy to figure now too. ;)
So I looked at the grid voltages in the low power case….


That looks like a mess in over voltage and the computer models for the tube (so far) do not track it at all….
The model suggest that 2.5nF might be a far better tuning for the Primary cap…..
Of course this coils likes to blow things up so adjustments are expected. :D

The computer model tracks things like the Fo frequency perfectly (357kHz)! Even with all those mutual inductances. But other things need a lot of work…
I run at very low power right now with old tubes in case it all messes up. =:D

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