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Re: [TCML] X-ray transformer wiring help!

Curt, I cannot speak to the electrodes of an OBIT, although I do understand
how they work, I have never examined one as I am blessed with having
a natural gas furnace in my home that uses a good old fashioned pilot
light! As far as distributor caps and rotors on the other hand, I have a
lot more experience with them than I would like to admit (being a
backyard mechanic for 40+ years). The contacts for the high tension leads
inside and outside of an internal combustion engine distributor are in fact
an aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a fantastic conductor but very
susceptible to total breakdown under high currents. The spark they transfer
from the ignition coil to the plugs is very high voltage yet very low
current. A TC spark gap can be described as the same but on a much higher
order of magnitude regarding the current. You would essentially vaporize
the contacts of an engine distributor after running it in a TC application
after just a few minutes, if even that long at all. Plus, as the electrodes
deteriorate, the current levels required to keep the apparatus functioning
would need to be constantly increased to overcome the carbonization and
steadily increasing gap of the electrodes as they give up the ghost.
Ultimately, the plastic around them would likely melt and cause collision
and/or total failure of the cap and rotor. Although I do give you major
props for thinking outside the box!!! It has been proven time and time
again that with 60hz line voltage, a synchronous rotary spark gap with
tungsten electrodes and an MMC capacitor bank with a properly regulated or
ballasted power supply is your best approach to an effective and reliable
primary. That does not exclude a static gap from doing a good job, just not
as good as an SRSG with a phase adjuster. The next piece of the puzzle is
do you want to build your primary to suit your secondary or the other way
around? As I said before, build your TC like it's a work of art.
Consistency, control, safety measures (such as bleeder resistors on caps),
thoughtfulness and a solid clean layout are major keys to success. I suck
at math and detailed electrical theory so I will once again point you to
TeslaMap and JavaTC for that, but as a detail oriented craftsman I feel I
can safely say that is a major part of my personal success in my coiling


 - Brandon G.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 9:46 AM Curt Wilson <3wisenconst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Liberty rising the ignitor points in an oil burner are those tungsten? And
> how about if I paired with the distributor cap its off an 8 cylinder  may
> be to many points they must be tungsten to to stand up to hv spark of an 8
> cylinder motor no? It's probably fighting me more than doing good that I
> keep trying different things because I'm impatient with waiting for parts
> to come as I can afford them.  I got this xray transformer for 140$ im
> counting my lucky stars with that one cause I couldn't find any wiring
> diagrams or anything for it infavct I could only find one other like it on
> ebay and it was listed for 875!
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