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Re: [TCML] X-ray transformer wiring help!

I beleive it is an 80kv xray transformer. I'm not positive if it has
rectifiers or not I beleive it probably does. I will add a link to photos
of the inside of the transformer. It did not come with the case or the high
voltage cables which come to find are quite expensive So i had to find a
case that would work, which didn't and started leaking oil all over my
hobby shop. So I pulled it out and lined it with rubber roofing and
refilled it and temporary am using bare solid 6 Guage copper wire stuck in
the recieving plug to make my connection too.i know it's no where near any
kind of safety  standard yet but it's in maternity things up a and
upgrading as money allows in the mean time I've been tinkering for over a
month and can light a florescent 48" tube up from 3' away just from my
primary and the only spark I've gotten from my previous design was about an
inch coaxed from the toroidal by me with a pair of insulated electricians
pliers that was a one and done mistake. The 5000volt insulation rating on
the pliers was no match even for my not quite there yet tesla. I'm a
builder and welder by trade and so have been wacked with 120 all the time
250 from the live side of my switch on my tombstone 200 amp stic welder and
480 3 phase messing around in the control panel of my 4 head woodmizer
resaw. 120 and 240 tickle 480 instantly melted the screwdriver handle to my
hand and shot the rest of the screwdriver about 8 feet behind me and stuck
it Into the cinderblock wall behind be which gave me a new appreciation for
the term "tag and lock out" and I even had a bare hv feed from to mots in
series jump from the wood I was fractaling and land right on my arm and
none of them compared to the bite of that coil through the pliers! I'm well
aware of the dangers of hv and I also have more lives than the pets from
the movie pet cemetery and acknowledge my guardian angel with a tattoo of
her on my arm! But I apologize im rambling. In some of the pictures I show
some of my available electronics items I have at my disposal.  I have huge
plastic totes of old transformers and chokes resistors all kinds of fuses
amd diodes, capacitors,  wire wound resistors and gateways and heat sinks
that friends have donated to my fascination and curiosity of electricity
and would be more than happy to share with anyone who may need any of the
items I have. All I ask is that you pay your own shipping. I have more than
I can even imagine using.
Here's the link to my photos, lemme know if there's any issues opening
them. Amd thank you all again for the help with this build .

On Sun, Feb 21, 2021, 3:29 PM Lux, Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 2/20/21 3:50 PM, Curt Wilson wrote:
> > My names Curt and I've been trying to get a tesla coil up and running
> for a
> > while now. I've used multiple power supplys such as four mots wired in
> > series parralell with a center tap ground but they did not last probably
> > due to being used for fractal wood burning prior. I have tried NST's but
> > they had the gcfi on them and only worked for the first few minutes. So
> now
> > I've moved onto a cathode/anode 80 kva x-ray transformer that feeds
> through
> > a bucket capacitor and into a bench grinder with a 6inch plastic fan
> wheel
> > that I wove solid copper wire through four of the fins and have a oil
> > burner point on with side for the pick ups. My primary coil is 9/16" x
> 1/8"
> > solid copper ribbon with 1"spacing between coils and my current secondary
> > is 4.5" pvc with two recycled 34 guage magnet wire soldered together and
> my
> > top load is two old chevy hubcaps hot glued together. I'm running a 30amp
> > variac 125v ac to regulated 125v ac and I can't get past about 30v with
> out
> > the fuse blowing. Just when the rotary gap starts to fire the fuse blows.
> > I've tried a mot with secondary shorted between the transformer and the
> > variac but it didn't seem to make a difference and I've tried a250 watt
> > 15ohm resistor first where the mot was then tried it between the
> > transformer and the primary. Both places it just heated up and would not
> > allow any spark at the gap. Any help with the wiring on the transformer
> or
> > variac or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
> > https://photos.app.goo.gl/nPS9fMg36375yAXi8
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> What is your X-ray transformer output voltage?  Most Xray transformers
> have *very* high output voltage compared to what's practical for most
> home built TCs.
> Xray - 75-120kV isn't unusual.  Neon Sign Transformer (NST) or Pole
> Transformer are 12-15 kV.
> So you should be looking at feeding your Xray with around 10-20VAC.
> A real issue is that Xray transformers don't have any current limiting,
> so you'll need a ballast to limit the current (just like pole-pig designs).
> Does your Xray transformer have rectifiers?
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