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Re: [TCML] sync motor

Yep, I made some custom stuff to line it all up, put the stuff where I could
find it if needed. Bolt came loose on the rotor, %$##%%$ have to realign,
but guess what...? can't find my align hardware and don't remember how I
made it to begin with. Ended up making it all again and this time documented
it with the camera. That is what happens when you get old. Later on

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On 2/15/21 9:48 AM, Gary Gaspar wrote:
> Shuan yes it is a hard thing now to find. Can give problems finding the
> sweet spot. My comment had fun with strobe light & the SRSG with the sweet
> spot.
> On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 10:19 AM shaun <snoggle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have read the archives for days looking for leads on cheep sync motors,
>> always day or several years too late to get in on the action. I have been
>> looking at the oriental motors that are synchronous but don't lock at the
>> same phase each time, so I would have to use a 1800 rpm with 4 contacts
>> 120 bpm so where ever it locked would be in sync, assuming 90 degree

Yeah, there's not much in the way of things using synchronous motors 
these days(do they even make teletype machines any more?), so the 
surplus is drying / dried up.

I wonder if one could use a variable speed drive (they're fairly 
inexpensive now) and a regular induction motor (or a PSC), with some 
sort of feedback control to keep the phasing (the load on a rotary gap 
is pretty constant, so you should be able to slowly "drift" the phasing 
by running it slightly slow or fast.

One might also be able to use a *big* stepper or variable reluctance 
motor, but like sync motors, those are less common these days as surplus.

I've always wanted to really explore a triggered blast gap, but haven't 
had the time over the years. One should be able to reliably fire it at 
any desired phase.

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