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[TCML] sync motor

I have read the archives for days looking for leads on cheep sync motors,
always day or several years too late to get in on the action. I have been
looking at the oriental motors that are synchronous but don't lock at the
same phase each time, so I would have to use a 1800 rpm with 4 contacts for
120 bpm so where ever it locked would be in sync, assuming 90 degree locks.


I have purchased from ebay, 2 of the teletype motors and they work very
well, but the ones that are there now, are way too pricey.


Anyone have any to sell, or a tip on where to get one. I followed Dr
Resonants leads on motors he talked about, but just another dead end. I
don't really want to machine one up, but I guess that is a option. 


            Thanks all. 

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