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Re: [TCML] power sources

On 1/22/20 12:28 PM, David Sharpe wrote:

Yes I think volume is the $$$ driver.  Another idea is get a Cummins/Onan
12kW RV house power generator.  RV market unit might be more aggressively
priced and would have higher temp ratings then a residential unit.  240V

Best Regards

Typically, though, those would be single phase - Maybe my idea of 3 phase power for easy rectification is not as useful as I might have thought. Although, the thought of somehow synchronizing 3 single phase generators is an intriguing project in itself - I would assume that like any generator, if you hook it to a stiff bus, it will tend to synchronize, so maybe the idea of a small threee phase motor would work. Of course, it might also be horribly unstable, and it's not like the information needed to design it would be published (or even measured).

Hmm, three small cheap harbor freight generators, a cheap used 3 phase motor, and a (potentially destructive to the generators) experiment is born.

Filter capacitors might actually be easier. Anyway I do it, I'm looking at large mass.

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