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Re: [TCML] Powering SGTC.

On 10/10/19 6:52 PM, Tedd Dillard wrote:
Ritchie Burnett covers all of the fundamentals on his site.

On Oct 10, 2019 6:18 PM, "undisclosed recipient via Tesla" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

OK… lil footnote for the newbies…

Keep the spark gap as close to the MMC and the primary as possible,
especially when the high voltage power supply is a few meters away.
Reason being is the spark gap sets the frequency for the primary.
A wire produces higher resistance at higher frequencies and the longer the
wire between the spark gap and the primary, is like putting a huge resistor
in the line.

Getting stumped by stupid things like this is the reciprocal of no sleep
and and multiple halloween props to repair.

I don't know that AC resistance is the issue here. It's more like the inductance in the long wires detunes the LC - and if they have a lot of parasitic C to somewhere (i.e. the floor) then there will be some loss.

As I understand it, youve got NST, RSG, Cap, and Primary L in parallel?
That's not the usual configuration, although it might work.

Normally, where the spark gap, primary capacitor and primary inductor are in series - When the gap fires, it connects a charged capacitor to the inductor, and the circuit rings until the gap quenches and opens the circuit. There's several choices for how to "charge" the capacitor. One is to put the transformer in parallel with the gap in the series gap,cap,pri combination. When the gap is "open" - the cap charges through the primary, which is fine - the charging is at 50/60 Hz, so the primary inductance is negligible influence.

There's another scheme where the transformer is connected directly across the capacitor (this is more similar to how a DC charging system works) - The idea here is that when the gap fires, the NST sees the RF across the cap which may or may not be a great idea (in the NST across the gap scheme, the gap shorts the NST out and shunts most of the RF).

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