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[TCML] 3 phase zig zag transformer

Hello list,
I have recently acquired a 50KVA transformer. I believe this is a 3 phase
zig zag transformer (with taps for buck/boost?). I was hoping to use it as
a ballast for my next coil project, and I tried to do a simple test this
weekend, but it didn't work as expected. The pig did not trip the 50a
breaker, but it did *PEG* my 80a panel meter.

If all else fails, then I might have to disassemble and make my own
hand-wound ballast. But I don't know how feasible it will be to break apart
those laminations (they appear to be interleaved E's), and since this thing
has to weigh 500+ lbs, its not like I can just move it around at will and
position it easily.

Suggestions on what to do with this beast?
Kansas City area...yep, still wet out there
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