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Re: [TCML] LAPP gas filled condenser, some more info if possible...

Hi all,

Just earlier today, I have found out some more info on these strange LAPP
caps. My father found some during the week, searching occasionally. Biggest
thing info wise that he found was about what puzzled me the most. The steel
lower casing, which I mentioned earlier, that there is copper plating on
the outside under the paint. I originally thought this was for improving
conductivity, since steel is a poor conductor. But it is plated for a
different reason I have come to discover. So I said usually magnetic
materials are frowned upon in RF. Well I have come to discover that the
copper plating on the outside under the paint is not the only plating. The
steel is plated on the inside also. This copper plating reduces the eddy
current losses. And the lower case is only meant for as a support and as a
leak-proof gas container for the nitrogen. The electrical connections are
made only on the top outer ring and the center electrode which makes sense.
So I will need to keep the base insulated from anything.

Just another note, in the past they were aluminum lower cases. They
switched in later models to steel. I am not really sure why, but from what
I read it seems that steel is better leak-proof wise would be my guess.

Still no luck in finding any current ratings for this specific capacitor. I
am sure it is quite a bit...but it would be nice to know...the search
continues on this...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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