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Re: [TCML] LAPP gas filled condenser, some more info if possible...

Hi Allen,

Sorry for the delayed response, I work second shift at my job. Since you
asked I will post a few pictures. This little road trip was actually the
second time I have went for these bigger RF things at the same place. First
trip was in late November. I will include a few pictures also from this
one. These are some pretty old spares kept by technicians after several
upgrades over the years at a 50,000 Watt AM radio station. Going to also do
some other experimenting with this stuff besides coil use, since I have
extras also now.



Some comments on the 3 vacuum variable caps and the 2 coils:

These vacuum variable caps are all older types of course as seen by the
glass. New types are ceramic housed. The "smaller blue" one is a bit newer
for an old type compared to the other two much older bigger fellas.

The blue one is a maximum of 650pF at a rating of 55KV.

The bigger much older one next to it is a 1000pF max @ 45KV.

Then the third one in different picture is near indentical to the other big
one, but a little lower voltage, 1000pF max @ 35KV.

The two big coils are very similar, one is just a little shorter. Same
diameter and made by the same company, whoever that was...it is unknown.
Definitely both are very old. The slightly bigger one if you look closely
at it, you can see some outer supports for another winding which is long
since gone now. I am sure on both of these the insulating supports are made
of a very good material, but again this is unknown of what. Most likely
some kind of composite, possibly some of this is nasty of course. But it is
fine as long you don't cut/grind on it of course. Anyways, I never need to,
it is all done, ready as is...
Also just a note... notice the outer support rings on both coils, which are
made of cast aluminum, there is a gap in each one...

Going to be fun repurposing this older stuff and experimenting. Just like I
enjoy using my tubes also...

Also eventually I will have some updates on my little 304 VTTC eventually
and I will post some things. As you can see I got sidetracked recently and
I have been also been busy with some of my heavy iron metal working
equipment. Back to the 304, I will mention some more things about how my
grid leak circuit behaves for me. And I will finally scope some things,
mainly the grid. Curious of some things here also. And I have tested two
more recently acquired tubes. Came across another very unusual one.
Definitely going to scope this one.

Okay, till later, when I have a chance...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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